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This module shows selected videos in a list format. Users can select the video they want to watch. This is ideal for showing related videos on your Joomla site. For example, you may want to show videos related to a specific event. Possibilities are endless and this module will be a good value add to your website, if you are planning to use videos on your website.

The extension is very easy to customize. Rene from Levitas Media has customized the extension to a very good extent and here you can see the customized YouTubeList extension -

YouTube Video List


YouTube List Module
Some popular cartoon videos from YouTube

Select video clip:

IMPORTANT: The description parameter of the module accepts BB code(Bulletin Board Code) which is quite common in forums. Using BB code, you can give an appealing touch to the module looks. The below BB codes are supported.

[mail="This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."]Webmaster[/mail]
[quote]Vote for our extension on JED[/quote]

The BB parser is picked from